Website Accessibility Compliance

(Americans with Disabilities Act).

What is the Website web accessibility legislation? Due to the increased use of the internet, many countries have incorporated web accessibility into existing civil rights legislation that protects people with disabilities. This includes the ADA, AODA, EEA, and many more. Most countries have adopted the WCAG 2.1 AA, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as a standard for accessible websites and refer to them in settlements.

$5000 Tax Credit Available

*Please note: we are not tax experts or legal tax consultants and this is not legal advice. We advise you to talk to your tax advisor for confirmation.

IRS Can Grant $5,000 for Website Accessibility Via Tax Credit for working with our Digital Marketing Agency. This new tax credit is available to those qualified in the amount of 50 percent of “eligible access expenditures” that exceed $250 but do not exceed $10,250 for a taxable year, for a maximum tax credit of $5,000.

Claim your 50% tax credit when you upgrade your website to make it compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

1- You will be doing the right thing

There are millions of people who have physical limitations, hearing or vision impairments that make it impossible to utilize a regular keyboard, or a mouse, or a monitor when viewing a website. Isn’t that nice to be among the few who actually care about that deserving group of people? Even if there was no tax incentive, you would have done it. It is just that sometimes we don’t think about it.

2- Get paid for it

The US Federal Government (via the IRS) is basically paying dentists and physicians to invest in marketing your practice when you do it the right way. The credit is $5000 or 50% of your cost. That is a lot of money. Often doctors and business people mistaken Tax Credit with tax deductions. This is a tax credit. That means you calculate your taxes, deduct the cost of the website just like any other business expense, and pay your taxes. Then, when you file your taxes, you add this one-page form to the filing while deducting the $5000 from your tax bill.  Boom, you just earned yourself $5000!

Obviously being a doctor, educated and smart, you know that your accountant is the person that can tell you how this is done and what applies to you. But, from the face of it, it seems to be a very straightforward rule. Below you see links to government and private sites that explain how this works.


4. Protect your practice against lawsuits

While no one can guarantee immunity from all lawsuits, not doing anything is certainly not a solution. What you want to do is to at least make it more difficult for lawyers to go after you. When you have a solution, they skip you and move on to an easier target (hopefully and most likely). See examples of the websites with an Accessibility Plugin that makes it less likely to become a target.

5. Your website gets an upgrade.

The third advantage is that you get that old website of yours updated and up-to-date which means tons of new patients and increase production for your practice. The source of this article is itself.

And don’t forget, your state taxes may also offer additional incentives.

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