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Need help to get your business on track?

My Biz Consulting is the agency for you. We provide consulting services for businesses in a range of sectors, from SMEs to multinationals, from start-ups to multi-million dollar firms.

We understand your problems

At My Biz Consulting, we focus on understanding the problems you face as an entrepreneur and business owner in order to find the best solutions for them. Our consultants are experts in their field with extensive experience in customer service, marketing, finance, and human resources.

We innovate with you

If you're looking for a team that can help you generate new ideas and solutions to old problems, then look no further than us! Our consultants are ready to brainstorm innovative strategies that suit your needs and help shape your company's future.

We make things simpler

There's no better way of getting started than working with a company that's focused on making things simpler! My Biz Consulting provides a range of services that simplify everything from Digital Marketing, Accounting to Financial Planning so that all your worries can be just one call away.

We can help with:


My Biz Consulting helps your enterprise to understand their business environment and make informed strategic decisions through a variety of tools and methods.


With our help, you can confidently take risks without being burdened by the fear of failure. We will help you to create concrete plans that will help you to navigate uncertainty, stay focused on your goals, and plan for potential outcomes.

Vision Strategy

With our wide-ranging experience in different industries and strategic planning expertise, we will help you to create and enforce a clear vision strategy that will drive motivation within your team and lead to success day after day.


We are dedicated to helping businesses innovate by guiding them through the innovation process with an emphasis on strategic planning from invention to implementation. Moreover, our approach instills long-term thinking in process design and devises a road map for the next step in innovation.


At My Biz Consulting we are committed to developing innovative strategies that focus on the core values of the business.

Book a Free consultation today - Choose a monthly plan that works best for you based on your needs. 

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