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My Biz Consulting Business formation and compliance services

Incorporation, LLC Filings & Corporate Compliance in all 50 States.

My Biz Consulting is much more than a digital marketing agency we offer a host of Business Incorporation and Compliance services. Anything from Business Structures & Entity Filings, Names & Trademark Protection, Licenses, Permits, & Tax Filings, Registered agent services, Corporate Supplies and Express Filing Services.

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What are the benefits of incorporation?

The main reason to incorporate (or form an LLC) is to minimize your personal liability. Once your business is incorporated (either by forming an LLC or Corporation), it exists as a separate business entity. Essentially, you put a wall separating your personal assets from anything in the business. Of course, there are other benefits too. Here are the top reasons to incorporate

• Minimize your personal liability and protect your personal assets

• Get more flexibility when it comes to taxes (talk to your CPA or tax advisor for specific advice on your personal situation)

• Boost the credibility of your small business

• Add a layer of privacy (don’t use your personal name and home address to represent your business)

• Start building your business credit

• Protect your business name and brand at the state level.

Our Most Popular Package

The Complete package

This Package Includes:

  • Name Availability Search

  • Registered Agent 1st year (annual fee thereafter $149)

  • Prepare and Submit docs to state

  • Provide Certificate of Filing or Stamped Formation Docs

  • Obtain EIN # (employer identification number)

  • Customized Bylaws/Operation Agreement & Minutes

  • Custom Corporate /LLC kit & Seal

Choose a package that best fits your needs and your budget. Keep in mind fee's vary by state in which you file. 

BEWARE OF COMPETITORS quoting you a faster time! This estimate is updated regularly, we're all at the mercy of the state filing office and state backlogs…


Select "Express Filing Speed" or "24 Hour Filing Speed" (if available) for a Faster Filing. We GUARANTEE the Fastest Processing Time Available if you select "Express Filing Speed."

Additional Services

Prepare S-Corp Election Form 2553  

An S-Corp election is a tax election by the IRS for tax purposes. You'll have to make the special election with the IRS using this Form 2553. This election can give the ease of business of the LLC and the tax benefits of the S-Corporation. We recommend seeking advice of your tax professional to find out if this election would benefit you.

Business License Research Package 

Business licensing requirements vary from state to state, county to county and city to city. Government agencies frequently update their forms and change requirements for supporting documents. Our Business License Research Package provides you with the latest licensing requirements to protect your business. As part of our business license research package My Biz Consulting will: Determine all the licenses and permits your business needs at the federal, state, county and municipal level. Provide you the proper license/permit application forms. List filing instructions, supporting document requirements and fees.

State Sales Tax Registration

Who Needs a “Seller’s Permit”?

A seller’s permit or sales tax registration is required before sales are made! The specific state agency generally requires a business to have a “Seller’s Permit” if that business is selling or leasing merchandise, vehicles, or any other tangible personal property in any state the business operates in.

Employer Tax Registration

Who Needs to register for “Employment Tax”?

Any business that is going to have employees must register as an employer before setting up payroll. The specific state agencies generally require businesses to register as an employer in any state where the employees reside.

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Book a one to one appointment with a consultant to learn more about our services. My Biz Consulting is a document filing service and CANNOT provide you with legal, tax, or financial advice.  

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