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How to Market Your Business Coaching Services

An important part of business coaching is teaching clients to manage and market a business. For that reason, marketing is vital to your own success. Clients need to find business coaches and easily. After all, that is your specialty. If it takes potential clients hours to find your business online, they may question your ability to assist with their own marketing. How do you prevent this from happening? You familiarize yourself with ways to market your coaching service. So, what are your options?

The phonebook. When people need a service, most head to their local phone book. When looking to market a business or service, you should do the same. It will cost more money, but opt for a listing in the yellow pages or business directory section. Look at your phone book and find the best category for your service. It should be the “business services,” section or another related field.

When looking into phonebook listings, remember that not all individuals are familiar with business coaching. Invest money for a larger ad. It does not need to be full size, but have enough room to highlight the services offered. For example, state you can help businesses improve their profits with team-building, time management, and successful marketing tactics. If you live in or operate your business out of a small town, expand your listings to phonebooks for larger nearby communities too.

Business directories. Although many turn to their local phone book to find a business or service, many more turn to the internet. To capitalize on its popularity, use it. To get started, turn to online business directories. You can find them with a standard internet search and most search engines, like Yahoo, have built in directories. They allow internet users to search for a business, like yours, by city and state.

To add your listing to a business directory, contact the owner of the website. You may find an “Add a Business,” or “Contact Us,” link towards the bottom of the page. When creating your listing, provide as much detail as possible. Ideal keywords or tags to describe your services including, business coaching, business coaches, business services, and business help. Provide your name or the name of your business, address, phone number, email address, and website URL.

Create a website. Speaking of a website URL, you need to have one. Business directories enable you to reach a wide audience, but that audience is usually local. Remember, they enable internet users to search based on city and state. If you can offer services over-the-internet or over-the-phone or through travel, a website enables to you expand your reach.

When creating a website, realize the importance of a professional and easy-to-navigate website. If you need assistance, hire a professional web designer. As for website content, state what you do. Do not just list your title as a business coach; explain the process. Highlight who can benefit from your services, such as small to medium sized business owners. Go into detail explaining the services you offer, such as time management, marketing, and sales help. Explain how each of these services, when implemented, translate into increased sales.

Word of mouth. Small to medium sized business owners tend to turn to each other for help and advice. The internet makes it easy for these individual to connect by social networking websites and message boards. A small business owner who saw their profits increased due to your help is likely to spread the word. This will happen naturally, but why not provide an extra push? You can do so by offering a referral discount. Offer to refund a small percentage of the money a client paid, like 5% or 10% for each new paying client they refer.

Solicitation. With solicitation, it is important to proceed with caution. Some states and local governments have rules pertaining to door-to-door solicitation. If not an issue, head to those who need your services. Why wait for them to come to you?

With solicitation, you have many options. You can visit a small to medium sized business, speak with the owner or manager and explain your services. Leave behind literature explaining your business, such as your rates and the services offered. You can also mail these items to businesses in or around your area. To avoid outright solicitation, include a free product, such as a magnet bearing your company logo or a discount card for new clients.

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