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How Your Business Can Quickly Resolve Customer Complaints

Updated: Jan 31

Addressing customer complaints can be a tricky business. You want to assuage customers, address their concerns, and collect data about customer satisfaction for future reference. But where do you start? Thinking about some of the little important steps you can take towards effectively resolving customer complaints can get you started.

Listen to Their Complaints

One of the most important things you can do when trying to resolve customer complaints is really listening. Even when it’s hard for you or for your employees to want to be positive and compassionate when a customer is abrasive, developing the ability to listen carefully and express sympathy for the customer will help customers feel automatically cared about.

Taking this simple step can make all the difference in your customer’s experience with resolving complaints. And, if they walk away feeling like you or your representatives really cared about their issue and really tried to help, they may feel even more brand loyalty than they did before.

Utilize Data

Utilizing data can help you figure out the best ways to respond to customer complaints quickly and effectively. One of the best ways to simultaneously address the customer’s concerns and the actual issue is to get customers’ feedback. You can resolve issues faster with real-time customer feedback.

When you know what the customer’s issue is and when you also can draw upon data regarding customer experience, you’ll be able to target individual issues and find solutions faster and in a way that best pleases the customer.

Follow Up

While it is incredibly important for you to make sure that you handle and address complaints efficiently in real-time, it’s also important that you make sure to go back and follow up with customers after their complaints have been resolved.

Doing this communicates to the customer that you really do care about their experience and want them to be satisfied. But additionally, following up with customers also gives you another opportunity to gather further data. Depending on how you approach follow-up, you may be able to survey customers to figure out if their satisfaction was restored after resolving the complaint, and why or why not.

When you’re trying to run a business, addressing customer complaints can be a difficult task to figure out. You want to maximize their satisfaction but it’s hard to know where to start. Start with these basics and then branch out as you seek to quickly resolve customer complaints.

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