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What Sets Us Apart

We believe that quality legal services should be affordable for all. So we set out to build a better model. First, we infused cutting edge technology into everything we do. Second, our use of technology led to cost savings we passed on to you. Third, we added customer service into an industry in desperate need of the same. So why use us?

We Make Legal Easy

Our services are easy to use and were created by top attorneys in the industry. We guide you through every step of the process to start your business and register your patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Once complete, we file your documents with the correct government agency to secure your rights. It's that easy!

Affordable Flat Fees

Our flat-fee services are affordable for all. No need for expensive retainer agreements or surprise bills at the end of the month. We have affordable options for every budget.

Guidance through Every Step

Our exclusive systems provide you with the industry's best guidance for your legal matters. We guide your filings through every step of the registration process. We provide you with detailed status reports and your dedicated Account Manager is always available to answer your questions. In short, we make the process easy and stress-free.

Platinum Trademark Registration

Direct-Hit Search Status Reports & Guidance Same-Day Filing Lifetime Infringement Monitoring Expanded Federal Search Included Procedural Response Guaranteed Registration If your trademark gets rejected, we'll cover our fee to re-file a new one for you If your search comes back blocked, we'll provide you with an included search for a replacement trademark Expanded Comprehensive Search Unlimited Procedural Responses

Enterprise Trademark Registration

Our Most Premium and Exclusive Filing Package

• Expedited Comprehensive U.S.P.T.O. Database Search ($499 value)

• An expanded search of the USPTO’s records as well as a search of all 50 state trademark databases, corporate names, and domain names for the ultimate in assurance.

• 24 Hour Expedited Filing

• Our “Never spend another dollar” Guarantee Guaranteed Registration

• Your trademark is guaranteed to register per our Terms of Service. Unlimited Procedural Amendments ($298 value)

• Unlimited Procedural Amendments to Requests from the USPTO concerning your application. Unlimited Substantive Amendments ($698 value)

• Unlimited Substantive Amendments to Requests from the USPTO concerning your application. Statement of Use Amendment ($299 value)

• Notice of Allowance request from the USPTO concerning your application.

• Typically, the last step before registration Lifetime Maintenance Notifications

• For as long as your trademark is in-use, we will help you keep it indefinitely

Choose Your Next Step

Please Note: The $499.00 and the $999.00 do not include the government fees or possible enforcement after registration. (i.e. website takedown/social media takedown)

We understand that you may have additional questions before making a decision. Please feel free to book an appointment to speak with one of our agents who will be able to answer questions or assist with requesting another services other than trademark. Such as: Maintenance Services for Renewal, Action response or statement of use. Patents & Copyrights and Enforcement such as Counterfeit Prevention, Internet Enforcement, USPTO enforcement. Book a FREE 20 min consultation by simply selecting the button below.