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Simplifying SOPs: How My Biz Consulting Makes Tech Easy for the Not-So-Tech-Savvy

Updated: May 17

In the modern business landscape, operations can't run smoothly without a touch of technology. However, for those not born with a mouse in their hand, this can seem daunting. Enter My Biz Consulting, the beacon of hope for the not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneur. Spearheaded by technology expert Jamilah Lawry, My Biz Consulting has mastered the art of simplifying complex processes into easy-to-follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Jamilah's approach is human-first, focusing on intuitive technology selections that align with your business needs. She believes that the right tech should make your work easier, not give you a headache. With My Biz Consulting, you’ll find that technology and operations go hand-in-hand, just like a coffee with your morning croissant.

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